5 Star jump pack


Light Fleet Safety Solutions tames the PX Ranger’s “Wild 5-STAR” Electrical System



It’s no secret that since mine sites throughout Australia have introduced environmentally friendly, “Green”, 5-star  vehicles into their fleets, auto electricians have all but gone bald pulling their hair out trying to get these ‘electrically smart planet friendly vehicles’, to undertake  tasks required onsite, without frying an ECU or 6 !!!

One such vehicle is the new Ford PX Ranger and one such task is the site maintenance jump start vehicle. Designing and producing this tray mounted Little Pocket Rocket presents more than a simple challenge.

Firstly, we are talking about a tool that needs to have the Cranking Amps to fire up a CAT 793F monster from dead flat to start, but still have the ability to jumpstart a simple Light Vehicle without cooking it! Build all this in a failsafe system, (mine site friendly), where the worlds of 12V and 24V are ever-present but can never meet.

Now, let’s introduce an earth leakage system that needs to be bypassed, or we end up in limp home mode, an alternator that only wants to “put out” when its ECU says “if I must” leave a carbon footprint and you have a seriously complex task on your hands.

Start with a veritable brain of added electrics, a cluster of relays, add a couple of solenoids, timers, BCDC Charger, N200 thumper Batteries and you have the raw ingredients to bake this cleaver little cake.

However it’s in the preparation and the mixing that the magic really happens. Anyone can tell you that N200 batteries take a lot of juice to keep charged, which is particularly difficult when todays modern alternators have a maximum output of 120 Amps.  Their “ECU Mummy” is now telling them when they can and can’t use fuel or fart gas, so they are more often producing less than 20% of this power during acceleration. It’s a bit like trying to drink a thick shake through a hypodermic needle.

Using more than 100 years of combined experience, the Light Fleet Safety Group can proudly say, we have now created the 5-Star Jump Pack. After months of R&D with more testing and prototypes than the space shuttle, we have built a 12/24V Jump Pack that comes with both CAT and Anderson style leads & plugs, with additional lead & adaptor for 5-Star vehicles.

We have made it virtually impossible to send 24v into a 12v machine. Timers turn the pack off if accidently left on, unit battery isolation comes as standard, but most importantly it outsmarts the “Smart Car” by overcoming the ECUs, bypassing the earth leakage detection and tricking the lazy “green” alternator into doing the job.

Fully labelled and complete with instructions, these units can be built to suit any style of new light vehicle.

Drop in to any of our branches or give us a ring and we will come to you and happily organise getting one of these Pocket Rockets working on your site.

Keep on Digging,

The LFSS Team.


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