GCD Gearless central diff 

Providing smooth cornering with consistent full traction, this is the perfect answer for heavy duty full-time 4WDs.


The Gearless Centre Differential power divider converts the Toyota Landcruiser HZJ 75 transfer case into the perfect four wheel drive transmission.

Two models are available for the Toyota,  a low range only model for the dedicated underground vehicle and a 2-speed model that allows the gearbox/transfer case to be used and shifted through high and low range as normal.

A number of mines are now using the GCD and are gaining the benefit of reduced downtime on driveline components. In addition to this are the accumulated savings on labour and spare parts such as CV joints, knuckles, clutches and diffs. Statistics at one mine have shown that over a 10 year period the life of CV joints was extended from 300 to 2100 hours.

Fitting of either version takes less than 3 hours without removing the transfer case.  This is done by simply removing the transfer case rear half and sliding the gears out to be replaced by the GCD assembly.

Once installed, no further adjustments or maintenance is necessary apart from routine transfer case oil changes. Additionally, the GCD has fully warranted parts and can be retro fitted at the end of vehicle life for little cost.

Another major benefit is that the unlocking/locking torque balancing operation of the GCD is completely automatic and does not require driver intervention. The elimination of tight corner braking effect pushing the vehicle straight on makes the vehicle easier and safer to drive with greatly improved traction.

For more information and to discuss other benefits of running the GCD as part of your overall maintenance program call us today.


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