rated recovery points 

Off road driving demands strong, reliable recovery points to cope with a huge variety of recovery situations. The purpose of a recovery tow point is to provide a safe and secure point from which to recover a 'stuck' vehicle. 

LFSS are now able to provide a Rated Recovery Point for most vehicles. There has been much confusion regarding Tow Points. Many vehicles are fitted with generic Tow points and these are not vehicle specific and while rates 4.5t, or similar, mounting them is often done incorrectly. 

LFSS provide fully qualified workshop staff who will fit a Rated Recovery Point correctly, regardless of the vehicle.

We recommend that Rated Towing Points are fitted as a matching pair, bolted to the chassis and used in conjunction with each other in all recovery situations, with the use of an Equalising Strap and a Rated Bow Shackle. 

When our Rated Tow Points are fitted correctly and used correctly, we believe you create the best, safe recovery possible.

LFSS supply Recovery Kits with all Rated Components.




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