wheel nut indicators 

LFSS supply and fit Australian Made - Tough - UV Stabilised Loose Wheel Nut Indicators and Loose Wheel Nut Indicator Restrainers.

Wheel nut indicators are small pointed tags, fixed to the lug nuts of the wheels. The tag rotates with the nut and if the nut becomes loose, the point of the tag shifts noticeably out of alignment with the other tags. If too many lug nuts are loosened, the wheel can detach from the wheel stud.  Loose wheel nut indicators allow identification of loose nuts before this can occur.

Human error, stud fatigue stretch a Hub/Wheel settling are all fundamental reasons for loosening wheels.

 If not detected early these common problems will quickly result in expensive wheel end repairs, excessive vehicle downtime, or at worst wheel detatchment. These indicators provide real time, between service, constant visual indication of loosening wheels. 
















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