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Feedback is always welcome at LFSS and Dan Cordiner, who works in the Underground Metaliferous Mining Sector, had this to say: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at LFSS and Spinks Group for their hard and  professional work over the last few years. Thanks to our collaborative approach, we now enjoy operating a fleet of highly reliable, cost... keep reading

Mackay Airport Vehicles

mackay light fleet safety solutions   Mackay LFSS recently completed a vehicle fitout for the Mackay Airport. The logistics of the fitout had an interesting challenge because the current vehicles needed to have items removed and refitted to the new vehicles. This had to be done in the shortest possible time as the existing vehicle had to be taken 'out of... keep reading

LFSS Darwin working with NT Dept of Transport

  After realising the need, in the Northern Territory, for a standard of compliance that meets National Safety Codes when installing ROPS, LFSS Darwin and the NT Dept of Transport took a collaborative approach to solving the issue. As a result of this work an agreement has been reached that streamlines the inspection arrangement for ROPS modifications undertaken by LFSS,... keep reading

5 Star Jump Pack

LFSS tames the PX Ranger's "Wild 5-Star" Electrical System It's no secret that since mine sites throughout Australia have introduced environmentally friendly 'Green',  5-Star vehicles into their fleets, auto electricians have been pulling their hair out trying to get these vehicles to undertake their jobs onsite without frying an ECU or 6 ! To find out how and what LFSS... keep reading

Out and about in Darwin

The Darwin 4WD Caravan & Outback Camping Expo. Dean Cummings from our Darwin store has just enjoyed showing off some light fleet safety gear as well as some 4WDing essentials. No better way to spend some time meeting the locals !!   keep reading

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